2018 BMW 1 Series Rendering

Tuesday, December 25th 2018. | BMW

Since its coming back around year 2008 in the United States, the BMW 1 Series has been successful to attract the attention of the car lovers. Available as the compact-size car, it transforms to be one favorite in the world auto market. And finally in couple years ahead, the manufacturer will introduce the next generation of 2018 BMW 1 Series. The upcoming vehicle will be most likely to carry significant changes for better performance. Differed to its forerunners, the next 1 Series will again target the United States area, instead of Europe only.

New 2018 BMW 1 Series


It becomes delighting news knowing the BMW automaker is now attempting to present the completely different car. Upgrading the FWD architecture and new platform made of the aluminum material will be aimed to reduce the car body weight. The more speed and efficiency are clearly other thing the company is going to offer. Compared to its predecessor, the outlook of 1 Series will be sportier and sharper. We could expect the new car with longer and stretched wheelbase offering more spaces for the passengers. Its main competitors on the design styling might come from Audi A3, Mercedes CLA by which both are coming with modern and expensive appearance.


We might be unlucky since the obvious picture of the 2018 BMW 1 Series interior is not known satisfyingly. However, seen to the manufacturer reputation, it is no doubt that the sophisticated technological equipment as well as additional features for its safety standard will be installed. The cabin will be more spacious and highlighted with high quality premium materials to provide a full comfort driving for the passengers.


The issue on the handling stability becomes one thing to improve for the 2018 BMW 1 Series. The automaker is required to bring up the new car as agile, stable but powerful. To support the car performance, the engineer might possibly still use the conventional engine of BMW. It will be an electric car with the internal combustion engine. Unfortunately, no speed and power information could be noted for now so we have to wait a bit for more updates.

New 2018 BMW 1 Series Side ViewPrice and Release Date

The coming of the 1 Series is way form clear. Suggesting from its year model, we might expect that the new 2018 BMW 1 Series will be released sometime in 2017. Similarly, none has convincingly made the price estimation. Thus, just wait for more information.

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