2018 Ford Taurus SHO

Thursday, February 28th 2019. | Ford

Just after rumored to end the production for the late autos, that means the successor is about to replace. Within the badge of SHO, the auto team has promised to build up the new stunning full-size sedan. The first model of Taurus was originated since 1985 and by that long time no doubt due to the upcoming 2018 Ford Taurus SHO model will carry the great changes and additional elements as typically American manufacturers. The last vehicle was released mainly in China, but we expect there will be vaster market as the target, including North America.

2018 Ford Taurus SHO Rendering 1


Come up in a relatively new for the US market, the intact Taurus appearance still remains secret. The changes on the car bodywork are all possible. Based on the early speculations, the SHO model will share some styling cues with the new Fusion, especially on the car platform but with longer dimension. Above all the similarities, we also expect there should be new distinct modifications available.

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2018 Ford Taurus SHO Rendering 2Interior

Moving towards the inside cabin, the automaker has planned to offer roomier spaces to allow more passengers and storage room. To accommodate the customers’ needs on the infotainment and entertainment systems, the 2018 Ford Taurus SHO will be equipped with the latest technological features. The car seats upholstery will be much better than the former Chinese version as well.


Under the hood of 2018 Ford Taurus, there are two possible engines going to inject. The unit of a 2.0 liter and 2.7 liter V6 EcoBoost edition are all included into options. The first engine is notably capable to generate the output at around 240 HP, while the second one is about 325 horsepower of energy. Some further claims as for the US version, the new engine version remains likely.

Release Date and Price

The obvious details on the 2018 Ford Taurus SHO coming date and value are still unknown. The very possible time for the showrooms release will be sometime in the second half of 2017. The estimated prices could be varied depending on the trim level. The base model may cost around $28,000 and raise a bit expensive at $40,000 for the top model.

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