2018 Ford Territory Release Date, Changes, Price

Friday, July 14th 2017. | Ford

Ford territory is a popular SUV. If the company wants to offer it in the future market, they have no better option than providing some redesigns. This way makes the car is easy to accept. As you may know that, the predecessor was the leader in its segment since 2004. The premium SUV was able to sold up to 200,000 units since its first debut. Its design makes it great for both urban driving and off-road performance. Now, the company is ready to go with something more. They are one step forward from the rivals by providing the new 2018 Ford Territory.

2018 Ford Territory Release Date
2018 Ford Territory Exterior

Some unofficial sources believe that Honda provides many changes to make it more different from the predecessor. It comes with the sportier and more stylish look. The front and the rear bumpers of the 2018 Ford Territory have horizontal chrome bars. It carries the current elongated pentagonal grille as its icon. The car has bigger air vents to improve the engine cooling. As of the headlights, Honda may offers the LED lights as well as the sharp fog lights. The bodywork has better aerodynamic design along with durable, lighter materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. The materials make it lighter, more stable, and more efficient.

2018 Ford Territory Price2018 Ford Territory Interior

Inside the 2018 Ford Territory, it has theater-styled seats. The back seats are higher than the front. The foldable back seats provide more cabin space. Although the cabin does not get much change, Ford is able to increase the level of comfort. It has soft cushions and seats as well as leather floor cover. The console comes with an eight-inch touchscreen for its infotainment and control. There are some other features such as Bluetooth, GPRS, USB port, and Wi-Fi. Even rear passengers can enjoy the luxurious roof-mounted 10-inch of LCD screen. There are some safety features available such as auto parking receptors, auto-window control airbags, and auto-window function.

2018 Ford Territory Engine

Under the hood, the SUV has a V6 engine and 2.7 liter to make 395 HP. It works with an eight-speed auto transmission. According to rumors, there is a turbocharged hybrid engine to make 477 HP. By using the V6 engine, it has 26 mpg.  However, we cannot get the complete information about the engine performance of 2018 Ford Territory, the transmission to use, and the acceleration.

2018 Ford Territory Release Date and Price

We assume the 2018 Ford Territory may hit the market at the beginning of 2018. It seems the starting price is about $30,000.

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