2018 Ford Torino GT Release Date, Specs and Rumors

Monday, March 13th 2017. | Ford

Since 1970, the Torino had been the most popular vehicle at that time mostly in the North American area. Given the name of the Italian city (Turin), Ford established the auto production in around 1968 and 1976. In its development, the good responses from the publics on the vehicle have made the Torino transforming to be one eminent vehicle until now. To continue its long tradition, the auto team is now working hard to build up the new version of Torino badged as 2018 year version. The future changes and improvements might be focused on upgrading the design styling and supplementing the latest additional components on the 2018 Ford Torino just to attract the customers’ interests.

2018 Ford Torino GT Rumors
2018 Ford Torino

To maintain its impressive appearance, the auto maker will definitely do the refreshments on the exterior design of the 2018 Ford Torino. Despite the clear confirmation is still unavailable, some sources rendered that the Torino will come with the bigger dimension. The wheelbase might be possibly extended into 20-inch larger than before. As reported, the front part is going to receive the new components and upgrades such as the new stunning headlights. At glance, the front board looks a bit lower than the back end to give the more striking view. Enhancing the aluminum material on the car platform will be advantageous to reduce the body weight as well as improving the speed performance.

2018 Ford Torino Interior

The interior element will be upgraded to have more innovative revamps. Inside the cabin, some new sophisticated features are much expected. On the dashboard panel, we will see the 8-inch LCD screen and center controlling installed. To provide the full convenience, the seats are folded and most likely going to be covered with the fine leather material. For the infotainment and entertainment services, several tools including the new audio speaker, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, GPS monitoring and others will be set up. Not least, the components such as airbags, rear view camera and entryway locks will be covered for the safety system.

2018 Ford Torino Engine

The engineer has decided to engage the engine unit of a 5.0 liter V8 fuel version to power the Torino vehicle. Utilizing TI-VCT, the company is quite optimistic that the 2018 Ford Torino will have a powerful performance. Along with the current engine, the vehicle is noted to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4 seconds. In terms of fuel efficiency, the future Torino could reach 29 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway.

New Ford Torino GT2018 Ford Torino Price and Release Date

The recent predictions hinted the new arrival of Torino in the market might be held in the mid or the end of 2017. The beginning price of the 2018 Ford Torino is appraised to start at around $40,000.

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