2018 Honda S2000 Roadster Release Date

Saturday, February 2nd 2019. | Honda

Since its first introduction over years past, the line version of S2000 has been reckoned as one of the best sports car in the world automobile. Even now, the new presence of the MX5 and the 86 models could not substitute the greatness of the stunning S2000. Getting back to the revival, the auto manufacturer has just confirmed the new arrival of S2000 as 2018 year model. Despite not much information could be gathered in accordance to the changes and upgrades but some news has reported any information related to the new sports car. The upcoming 2018 Honda S2000 is rumored to be built on as a powerful two-door convertible. In addition, to beat its fellow competitors in the marketplace, additional features on the technological features will be enhanced as well.

2018 Honda S2000 Concept Front Angle


The detailed changes on the car design might not be obvious. However, some rumors hinted that the S2000 bodywork will be constructed upon the aluminum materials to embody the light weight and high performance. Available as a convertible, the new S2000 should do the modifications on the chassis to make it compact as a coupe. Having a quite huge fans throughout the world, the auto designer should be working hard to keep them with the completely aggressive and better driving sports car. At glance, the overall appearance of 2018 Honda S2000 has adopted some styling cues from the current NSX. It could be noticed on the V-shaped grille and aggressive headlights in the front and some parts in the back.

2018 Honda S2000 Concept Side ViewInterior

Unfortunately, the detailed information on the interior still remains secret. None has made a convincing illustration on it. Anyhow, we are all pretty certain that the designer would serve the best components for the driver and passengers.


In terms of engine configuration, the Honda engineer might replace a naturally aspirated with a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 petrol engine. Along with this configuration, the 2018 Honda S2000 might be equipped with the power of 300 HP and 300 pond feet of torque. To support the overall speed, configuring a 6-speed manual gearbox will be opted as a standard transmission. Just expect there will be more information on the engine coming up.

2018 Honda S2000 Concept Rear AngleRelease Date and Price

The arrival of new S2000 in the marketplace is still not unknown. Speaking about the car price, recent estimations rendered as the 2018 Honda S2000 will be priced at approximately at $40,000, a bit higher than its competitors.

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