2018 Honda Type R

Tuesday, January 15th 2019. | Honda

For Honda lovers, now you get the answer especially if you have been dye waiting all the possibility about the new generation of Civic Type R. 2018 Honda Type R finally is ready to hit US market and it is getting close to that area. Well, although it is still in form of prototype, you can expect to see it officially in the beginning of the next year. What we can tell you first is that the concept allows the car to get major changes.

2018 Honda Type R Front Angle


So, the main highlight for its change is the paint finish. Based on the concept, we can see that this new 2018 Honda Type R will be completed with brushed aluminum-look vinyl cover to give interesting look. Besides, it will use standard hatchback to create more aggressive look instead of thinking about the lightness. There will be extra slats for its wider front bumper as well as the front and rear fenders. The chin spoiler is also deeper than before with the bare carbon fiber and red stripe for its accent. A scoop is also added up on its hood for a more intriguing look. We safely say that the exterior comes with functional design and we expect to see top-mounted inter-cooler like we can found on Subaru WRX or Mazdaspeed3. For the side, the front spoiler has carbon fiber side skirts and the widened fenders support the fat wheels that have 245-width of tires. It makes the car to get the over-the-top rear wing for its functional design. The last is for its rear with the more fantastic feature such as functional triple tailpipes that you can find like Ferrari 458 Italia and F40. The center pipe is painted in red.

2018 Honda Type R Side ViewInterior

This is the hardest part to tell you more about the possible changes in 2018 Honda Type R. The concept doesn’t show us about the cabin yet. Many of us expect that the technology upgrades are provided with the higher level of quality materials to complete the cabin to give us higher level of comfort than others.


It is quite popular with the turbocharged 2.0 liter and four-cylinder engine that is used to generate about 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. This output should be improved for 2018 Honda Type R. Rumors said that the engine can generate about 340 hp for this latest generation. It can happen with the use of six-speed manual transmission for this front-wheel drive car as the standard. It also has upgraded steering, brakes, suspension as well as tires for the normal version.

2018 Honda Type R Rear ViewRelease Date and Price

2018 Honda Type R is expected to come out as 2018 model for US market in the next year with the price tag that can be slightly more expensive than the current model.

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