2018 Kia Rio GT Turbo Release Date and Price

Saturday, April 22nd 2017. | Kia

One of the automakers that can show their great work by keep improving is Kia. Before, the company is only well known for their cars in Asian markets, and now they are ready to enter more markets. They are currently working for the new 2018 Kia Rio GT that will be a subcompact car with large space. The company has a significant improvement in their work which you can see from their track record. At this time, the demand for the car is increasing in America.

2018 Kia Rio GT Turbo
2018 Kia Rio GT

The body has a great look with the excellent performance to offer. 2018 Kia Rio GT has a sleek and trendy design with some options for their potential buyers. There are two models that they will work which will be a hatchback and a sedan. The subcompact version will be similar to its forerunner. The sedan model will get several doorways.

2018 Kia Rio GT Interior

2018 Kia Rio GT has tight competition with BMW M. The close competition forces the company to make everything equal or even more than the rival. Therefore, they will improve the security features, more innovative system such as upgraded navigation, high-description multimedia system, satellite radio, and hands-free. The ergonomic seated design gives you a high level of comfort. It will be built based on the VSM’s security technology concept, so it has accurate steering, electronic wheel pressure controls for its stability, and there will be three models to offer, the EX-base, Premium and the SX. You can use central sealing, electrical house windows, and switches, LED lighting, active eco technologies, rearview camera, controls activity manages and loudspeaker infotainment media.

2018 Kia Rio GT Engine

The engine will get a minor change. The company will adjust its performance with the use of the inline-four engine and 1.6 liters as well as an automatic suspension to generate work for 138 lb-ft of torque which is better than the forerunner. The 2018 Kia Rio GT also has six-pack guide for its transmission, and the SX, as well as the EX, will use the six-speed transmission.

2018 Kia Rio GT Release Date and Price

2018 Kia Rio GT has not been announced yet, and we found no official statement given by the company. Based on rumors, it will be more expensive than the previous model. The price will be about $14,400 for the LX, $17,900 for the EX and $21,100 for the SX. Again, all the information here is still based on unofficial sources. We recommend you to stay tuned until we get the official confirmation about the car.

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