2018 Land Rover Defender Release Date, Price and Specs

Monday, April 3rd 2017. | Land Rover

Rumors about the new 2018 Land Rover Defender is quite high. People have a big expectation to see it as the new generation to release. It is one of the most anticipated cars from the automaker. We heard that its debut would be started in 2018 with some informal updates to offer. Even there is a big sign that the company will make it entirely different from the previous model.

2018 Land Rover Defender Replacement
2018 Land Rover Defender Exterior

We did not see its debut in US market for about 2 decades. The company considers that this is the best time for them to rebrand the identity of this modern car. The designer, Gerry McGovern is possible to make it far away from the concept of Defender. It will come out with modern-looking design to make it as an upright SUV. It also has signature external spare time as well as dual headlights. The grille is discernible too. The exterior part will be constructed from the aluminum body to give proportional weight.

2018 Land Rover Defender Concept2018 Land Rover Defender Interior

2018 Land Rover Defender will be built with modern design and they will keep their signature concepts. It will be the strong rival for Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. Therefore, it should go with something more than the previous model. Honestly, the design is still under tight wraps because the company even never shares about it yet. They think that it is not the right time to tell us about the overall design around the car. Seeing that the rivals are quite hard, we believe that the company will soak the cabin with latest technology and features to give you great pleasure when you ride the car and to give you a high level of comfort.

2018 Land Rover Defender Engine

There are several engine options to offer. First it will be the V6 engine and 3.0 liter and the second is V8 engine with 5.0 liter. There is also the all-new 2.0-liter inline-four to complete the Jaguar XE. For its engine specifications, we cannot reveal it yet. We do hope that the company will give their official confirmation related to the issue around 2018 Land Rover Defender.

2018 Land Rover Defender Release Date2018 Land Rover Defender Release Date and Price

2018 Land Rover Defender is possible to be launched in this year, 2017 with the price that can be around $55,000. It will be a good car for those who need hardcore cars, rough terrain vehicle or even for off-road performance.

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