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Saturday, December 22nd 2018. | Lexus

The coming of 2018 Lexus CT 200h might answer all your questions about its future release. Its previous model was launched in 2011 and we think this car is the perfect option for those who need an alternative to get all technology features in Prius and the benefit is you get the fuel efficiency with no issues at all. We must say that the previous model got its success to create a big loud with the cost more than $30,000 for the base model but then the new rivals come up and take its position. Lexus surely needs to do something such as developing the platform and the engine in this next generation.

Lexus CT 2018 Side Angle Rendering


To save the life of 2018 Lexus CT 200h for its tight competition on its segment, this new model should come with something more than just a mild update. Many enthusiasts recommended that Lexus should give a new platform to make it a totally new car. It can be achieved by giving a bit sportier look for its bodywork although the target buyer is still the same as before. A new platform will be used for all new Prius and most of front wheel drive models presented by Toyota in future market. This change supports the car to have more rigid and lighter design than before.

It seems that some parts in 2018 Lexus CT 200h will be borrowed from all new LC coupe such as new front end with Lexus sprindle grille, more aggressive headlights and the last is new bumper.


Because no real concept has been launched yet, what we can do is only giving you some expectations. We do hope that the design and equipment features in this car wouldn’t be decreased in case of its quality level. They should keep the high standard design for the trimming because they should face the battle. It would be nice if they can show their innovation in safety features such as frontal collision warning and avoidance, cross-traffic detection and advanced lane-keep assist system are provided to be the standard features. For sport package, the optional can be adding new seats with upgraded side bolster, alcantara and premium upholstery and the carbon fiber inserts so we can call it the new 2018 Lexus CT 200h.

Lexus CT 2018 Rear Angle RenderingEngine

Some unofficial sites also suggested that Lexus should give a new developed running gear. This way can be helpful to support its performance with the prior on best driving experience, not for its fuel consumption. But we glad to hear about the strong indication to add this car with the improved drag coefficient to give better fuel efficiency and the running noise. In addition, 2018 Lexus CT 200h should really match the fuel efficiency in Prius, so we expect to see the same engine with high revision. It should be 1.8 liter of naturally aspirated petrol unit paired with electric motor to produce 121hp and more than 120 lb-ft of torque. It still goes with CVT unit and they provide it as front-wheel drive only. If there is a massive improvement, it can reach more than 50 mpg on average. The company should complete the change with the new low-profile tires and capable suspension system too.

2018 Lexus CT 200h Release Date and Price

In the end of this year, we should see its concept and the price shouldn’t be less more than $40,000 for 2018 Lexus CT 200h.

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