2018 Lincoln Aviator

Sunday, January 6th 2019. | Lincoln

It took 13 years for us to expect the coming of Lincoln Aviator and now we are getting close to this expectation. Lincoln Motors as the subsidiary of Ford motors are quite promising to continue this car into production and it will be 2018 Lincoln Aviator. As far as we know, its first debut was started in 2003 and it was launched for international market. But, after two years of the launch of first Aviator, the company considered delaying its production because the low sales record. Now, this newest generation is expected to be the successor for MKT models. It is no surprise that the design will be similar to MKT models. The design for this SUV will also close to Toyota and BMW. Its mileage should be more effective as well as the performance.

Lincoln Aviator Concept Front Angle


As we already explained that the design is a bit close to Lincoln MKT model. But it is expected to come with several changes for its outer and inner parts. You can find out new grille as well as LED headlights to support better night driving than ever in 2018 Lincoln Aviator. This DUV will also receive chrome trim for its front and the side has chrome strip extending to the rooftop. The last is its heavy bumper to cover the tires.

Lincoln Aviator Concept InteriorInterior

We do expect that the interior design will be completed with wide design. Some interesting features are available like automatic climate control, plush leather system, big luggage capacity, upgraded infotainment system and soft leather steering wheel. It will be launched as a modern crossover. For your safety, you can use collision control, cruise control and Smartphone connectivity for 2018 Lincoln Aviator.


2018 Lincoln Aviator has not been confirmed by the company, but it is speculated to go with DOHC 32-valve V-8 engine 4.6 liter along with dual intake runners with the capability to provide 302 HP and 3000-pound feet of torque as the fantastic part. This engine is truly impressive with the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.6 seconds. Besides, it has great suspension that can deal with 5082 pounds of weight capacity in goof stability. The possible transmission to use is Ford five-speed auto transmission for smooth performance.

Lincoln Aviator Concept Rear AngleRelease Date and Price

There is a huge expectation that its release is in December or November of 2017. The interesting part is its cost which can be cheaper compared other crossovers from Ford. The base price can be about $35,000 and the highest trim should about $46,000 for the new 2018 Lincoln Aviator.

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