2018 Mercedes Maybach Pullman

Monday, January 14th 2019. | Mercedes-Benz

The new 2018 Mercedes Maybach Pullman is close to its flagship and the interesting part is it comes as S600 Pullman Guard to complete the face-to-face seating layout model. It will take public’s attention on it because Mercedes will provide it with full protection of class VR9, which is for transparent and non-transparent areas, thanks for the blast resistance that is certified with Directive ERV 2010. The protection concept is taken from S600 Guard. Now, for this generation it is the result of development with the non-special protection Pullman.

2018 Mercedes Maybach Pullman Front Angle


For this new design, its weight reaches 5.1 tons and the gross weight is 5.6 tons. Special protection equipment will be added just like you can find in all S-class guard models. The dark tinted windows for the passenger area can be the highlight. The glass areas will be the important part with the poly-carbonate coat for splinter protection inside and the laminated structure provides optical look. In the name of material and thickness, we must admit that Mercedes picks their great choice for 2018 Mercedes Maybach Pullman. Even the protection can deal with explosive devices.

2018 Mercedes Maybach Pullman Interior DetailInterior

With the support of 6.50 meter of length, you will get special atmosphere inside especially at the rear side because the design will give you like in limousine. The armored rear window and the steel bulkhead behind the seats will secure head area for passengers. For sure, 2018 Mercedes Maybach Pullman provides you ultimate comfort with the power-assisted opening and closing feature around the rear doors. To increase the manual force, it has electric motor. It doesn’t matter if this car has heavy doors with the large armoring because this system can help you easily open and close the doors. The windows have hydraulic system to open and the current model is designed with technical bridge as its popularity. Besides the largest legroom, it also has greatest comfort in its segment with the electrically-operated partition wall. The standard feature is leather upholstery, adjustment kinematics for executive seats, adjustable cushion, adjustable seat angle and heat, calf support for reclining seats and more.


Now, we are moving on the engine that the Mercedes Maybach Pullman can generate about 530 hp and it will go with the displacement of 5980 cc to produce 830 Nm of torque. The top speed is limited to 160 km/h for 2018 Mercedes Maybach Pullman.

Release Date and Price

You might see the first release in the second half of 2017 for 2018 Mercedes Maybach Pullman. For the price, the non-armored version can be about a half of a million euro for the base and the German list price is only under 1.4 million euro.

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