2018 VW Phaeton Release Date, Specs and Redesign Info

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017. | Volkswagen

Michael Horn, the VW’s CEO in American department confirmed about the rumors of the new generation 2018 VW Phaeton. At this time, it is hard to predict precisely about the time when it will be launched. It should be ready to come out somewhere in 2018or in 2019. It will be built on VW’s MLB EVO architecture which means that it will share some elements with the Audi’s sedans and crossovers. It will be the second generation that will have better engine performance. The interior and exterior design is more modern than ever. It will be a full-size luxury sedan that is related with Bentley Continental and Audi A8.

2018 VW Phaeton
2018 VW Phaeton Exterior

As you know that the car will enter modern market. Many reliable sources mentioned that the new 2018 VW Phaeton will get a different front fascia design with modern shapes and other updates. The bodywork and some elements will be borrowed from the Audi A8. If you check it closer, there is large similarities available.

2018 VW Phaeton Interior2018 VW Phaeton Interior

On the other hand, the interior has luxury touch with quality materials as well as high technology features. The new 2018 VW Phaeton is built with every detail because it is targeted to be the car choice among business and rich people with high taste. Now, the company delayed its arrival to develop it more.

2018 VW Phaeton Engine

For the specifications, it really depends on the target market. For US market, it will get plug-in hybrid powertrain with the use of V6 engine and a compact electric motor. There is also gasoline conventional engine in two models that will be 3.2 and 3.6 liter of volume. Besides, 2018 VW Phaeton has five and six-speed Triptonic auto transmission to send the output to all-wheel drive. Speaking about European buyer, they will get the twin-turbocharged diesel V8 engine as well as the powerful 6.0 liter W12 that is from Bentley Bentayga. For other details such as the top speed and acceleration, no published information has been made.

2018 VW Phaeton Redesign2018 VW Phaeton Release Date and Price

2018 VW Phaeton should hit the market sometime in 2018 with the price for US market that can be about $70,000. The price depends on the equipment and materials. In another word, if you go with the higher materials and equipment, you have to spend more dollars. Since the company still delays its production, we have no way left unless to wait its arrival based on their scheduled time.

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