2019 Ford Explorer Platinum Concept Redesign and Release Date

Thursday, July 6th 2017. | Ford

As an original crossover, the 2019 Ford Explorer was very popular on the global market. By the time, it sounds hard for the company to keep its position on the top chart. It is still one of the greater cars on the market with the nice combination of performance, affordability, and space. At this time, the company faces the critical issue which is on its platform. As you probably know, the platform is more than a decade. It is outdated to meet the current interest. For this reason, the rumors of the new car are loud.

2019 Ford Explorer Concept
2019 Ford Explorer

The current model is well-known for its muscular body that reminds you to an SUV. We do not expect much change around it. Several minor changes are possible to offer. 2019 Ford Explorer has longer and wider body design. A lower body design is presented to make the car has a more muscular look than before.

2019 Ford Explorer Redesign2019 Ford Explorer Interior

Speaking about the cabin design, it has something more than the bodywork. The company will provide more changes there. With the wider and longer design, now it is ready to give you a higher level of comfort. It has more spacious cabin design with more space for head, shoulder, and legs for both the driver and the passengers. The company will design the 2019 Ford Explorer to support all seven passengers in ultimate comfort. The last point is about the technology features that will help you to get a high level of riding experience.

2019 Ford Explorer Engine

The new 2019 Ford Explorer is still a front-wheel drive car. It means the company cannot use a V8 engine or even larger unit for the powertrain. It is better if they stop using the old 3.5 liters and 3.7 liters naturally aspirated V6 units. The base engine can be by using the 2.3 liters EcoBoost inline-four. A naturally aspirated V6 engine seems impossible to use. For the top model, the company can use the smaller 3.0 liter EcoBoost engine to make 400 hp. This engine is possible for both the Platinum and Sports models with the all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. The gearbox is still unclear, but it is possible to come as the first car from Ford with the new nine-speed automatic transmission to offer.

2019 Ford Explorer Platinum2019 Ford Explorer Release Date and Price

In the other hands, VW wants to provide their large crossover to the market for the first time. It means Ford must work more to keep their position. The competition is not going to be easier, but harder for sure. Many of us expect the 2019 Ford Explorer to get slightly larger design than the previous model. A new platform is a big help to make it more efficient. It should be available at the end of 2017, or at the beginning of 2018 but the price is still hard to get known.

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