2019 Jaguar XJ Changes, Review

Wednesday, March 1st 2017. | Jaguar

There was a time where all decision was quite hard to make and it was all about the destiny of the new 2019 Jaguar XJ. The big boss at Tata, the owner of JLR has to make a choice about the future of the car. Luckily, he decided to keep the life of XJ line. Ian Callum is the boss of Jaguar design mentioned that they have a plan to create stunning on outside and luxurious inside to describe their idea about the car.

2019 Jaguar XJ Changes

Jaguar XJ Front View
2019 Jaguar XJ Exterior

2019 Jaguar XJ will be designed with the balance style, performance and comfort to give a more unique generation than the previous model. The company will do their best attempt to make it to be the center of attention. They will make it as a cool car and it will go head to head to the S-class coupe. Although it is still using the same D7a aluminum architecture, some sections will be replaced by carbon fiber. We don’t expect much change. We hope the company wouldn’t remove its unique traditional forms.

Jaguar XJ Interior2019 Jaguar XJ Interior

As the company has mentioned already that they want to make it luxurious car inside. It means that they will give you premium cabin design when it is all about the interior of 2019 Jaguar XJ. It is also expected to have latest technology features. A complete makeover is possible to make it as one of the most luxurious cars in its class. It will be the rival for Mercedes Benz S-Class so that the company has to make it as a close rival to start the battle.

2019 Jaguar XJ Engine

2019 Jaguar XJ will be installed by gas, diesel and probably, hybrid power. We guess they will use the latest version of V6 engine that can be mated with multi auto transmission or new eight-speed.

Jaguar XJ Front Angle2019 Jaguar XJ Release Date and Price

We have no expectation at all to see the coming of 2019 Jaguar XJ before the end of 2018. It should be ready in 2019, although many rumors said that the concept will be presented in 2018 as the best time since the company will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original version. No official information has been released by the company about it and it will be a special car from them. The current pricing is about $74,000 as the base model more than $121,000 for the top model. We predict that the use of new materials will make it about $80,000 for the base.

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