2020 Honda Accord Sedan Sport, Coupe Model

Friday, July 14th 2017. | Honda

We understand that Honda will not make any official announcement about the new 2020 Honda Accord to public at this time. Yes, we have no official report available right now. On the contrary, we believe that Honda includes this car as the part of their future project. They could keep the car since 1976, and it was about more than 40 years. They have a good consistency to make the car as one of the best-selling in its class. Therefore, all things about the car is interesting to know. At this time, we gave some rumors, some information from the company insiders and some speculations about its possible changes as the new car

2020 Honda Accord Spy Shots
2020 Honda Accord Exterior

Hachigo, the CEO Honda believed that Honda wants a new approach. Modern materials and technology are the main keys to start. It seems they offer the car with carbon fiber material, which is easier and more cost effective at this time. We guess they can use the composite material for its construction since the engine is smaller but more powerful. Besides, the demand of better gas mileage is rising. Honda has no choice to lower the weight of the 2020 Honda Accord, but makes the body stronger than before.

Its appearance is like the Accord with the more aerodynamic body design, sporty look but not manly. The air intakes are bigger with the increase in down force. A brand-new platform can be the helpful solution to upgrade its engineering. It also has a new suspension system.

2020 Honda Accord Specs2020 Honda Accord Interior

We have no big hints available when it comes to the cabin design. We think some parts get slight redesigns to make everything is fresh inside. Some luxurious details are available such as the materials and the accents. We hope that the company provides some updates for the existing features in the 2020 Honda Accord.

2020 Honda Accord Engine

Takahiro Hachigo confirmed the new 2020 Honda Accord and the CR-V is possible to go with a smaller turbocharged engine just like the brand-new Civic. It means the car probably have the four-cylinder 1.5 liter to make 174 bhp. The torque power is still unknown. Some sources explain the possibility to get some engine options for the car is quite high, such as electric or hybrid. Hachigo expected about two-third of all sales can be electric or hybrid by 2030. It is possible to use a V6 engine, but it seems this is not their way. They love offering more output in their top model, but they have more concern on the global emissions that seems hard to use the V6.  We hope that Honda updates the CVT transmission to remove glitches.

2020 Honda Accord Release Date2020 Honda Accord Release Date and Price

The current model has the starting price for more than $24,000 for the base while the higher model goes more than $27,009. The price depends on the technology features. We think the base model of the 2020 Honda Accord comes in more affordable option. It can hit the market about $26,500. Speaking of the launch day, we bet it is available in the dealerships in the middle of 2019 so that it is ready for sales in the end of the year.

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