New Model 2018 Mazda 6 Coupe Redesign and Release Date

Monday, April 24th 2017. | Mazda

Nobody can stop the talk about the new 2018 Mazda 6 Coupe. Mazda has spent their significant investment, money and time to develop the car. It is expected to have something new around because the last model they provided the updates be the 2012 model year. They are also popular with the MX-5 or the Roadster with the big focus on developing the Wankel engine. Although the current model of the 6 Coupe is still adorable and modern, Mazda is rumored to release its comeback.

2018 Mazda 6 Coupe Release Date
2018 Mazda 6 Coupe Exterior

As we explained at the very first beginning, the current model is still fresh and good. Everything is still modern there. This fact leads us to the hardest question whether the company will provide revolutionary or evolutionary look. From all data we have found on the internet, it seems there is a sign that the new 2018 Mazda 6 Coupe will be more conservative for its design. The minor changes and restyling is the most reasonable choice for the company. Therefore, we have a high expectation that there will be restyled headlights in LED technology as well as redesigned fenders for both rear and front part. The grille may get slight redesign while the other parts may get a similar look like the current model.

2018 Mazda 6 Coupe Interior

2018 Mazda 6 Coupe is coming out as a two-door vehicle, and it is still unknown for the details of the company. It is because no spy shots can tell us about the proof for its arrival. It is supposed to have the interior design just like a sedan that can give you a little bit similar to Mercedes CLS. If so, it will be equipped with more exciting features. Some updates may be added to make it more enjoyable for both driver and passengers.

2018 Mazda 6 Coupe Engine

2018 Mazda 6 Coupe will be designed with two engine options at least. The first can be 2.5-liter engine that can make about 320 hp, and it is four-cylinder that works with the compression ratio as well as injection pressure system, while the second is the diesel-electric hybrid engine that will able to cross about 30 miles with the electric mode and fantastic fuel consumption.

2018 Mazda 6 Coupe Release Date and Price

So, there is nothing significant and different if we compare the new 2018 Mazda 6 Coupe with the previous model. It is because the company only provides slight updates for its cabin, exterior and perhaps the engine. It means that the cost would not change too much. It can be about $23,000 for the base model. However, the official insiders are pretty quiet when it comes to the exact release date of the car. We expect to see it in the end of2017 or the beginning of 2018.

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